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TOV-340 Text Inserter

TOV-340 is designed for single cash register or point-of-sale monitoring applications on any video surveillance systems that support composite video (NTSC/PAL/SECAM/Monochrome). The TOV-340HD, a high-definition model, can support HD video up to 1080p. The text inserter captures and superimposes cash receipt transaction data onto live video with the cashier activities recorded on the surveillance systems.

Implementing TOV-340 minimizes shrink and increases profits for F&B owners and retail managers. It is also capable of pinpointing flagged transactions such as VOID, REFUND, NO SALES etc and is compatible with most cash register and Point-Of-Sales Systems. 

Optional interface conversion boards, modules and cables are available for wide range of ECR and POS.


TOV-340 Product Documents

TOV-340 Product Flyer

TOV-340 User Manual

TOV-340 Quick Start Guide

TOV-340 TOVConfig Software Manual

TOV-340 Compatibility List

Programming Software

Download TOVConfig (For Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP) 

Programming via Serial Terminal (not recommended)

Configuration Files (for TOV-340A and TOV-340HD)

TOVConfig files: 

Interface Conversion and Accessories

Making Your Own Serial Cable

Accessories: Y-splitter, rack, converters and etc

Internal Printer to Serial Interface Conversion Board Installation

LPT (Centronics) to Serial Interface Conversion, Cable and Installation


TOV-340 Product Demos

Demo1: TOV-340 integrated with Casio TE-2200 cash register. Take note of the transparent text background.

Demo2: Another good video demo at our partner website.

Distributor for Singapore and Malaysia: Please Contact Castle Security Solutions (S) Pte Ltd

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PE-7000 Audio Video Intercom

The PE-7000 is an ideal audio-video telephone intercom system with integrated proximity card reader and lift car control capability suitable for residential and commercial applications. It is designed as an inexpensive alternative to conventional intercom system to reduce overall system cost and enhance system reliability. 

Unlike other telephone entry systems, the PE-7000 is integrated with IP camera to deliver visitor images to residents smartphone similar to traditional audio-video intercom. Furthermore, the internal full-duplex speakerphone provides natural and clear conversation between two parties.


Typical System Wiring Diagram


Audio-Video Intercom: PE-7000 and PE-7100 Product Flyer

Audio Intercom: PE-7200 and PE-7300 Product Flyer

Audio-Video Intercom System Overview

Audio Intercom System Overview
Audio Intercom - Wiring Example

Call Panel Features and Selections

Why PE-7000? See our comparison chart here

Software: PESoftLite DB Downloader

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery: W-Residences @ Sentosa

Photo gallery: The Verv @ River Valley

Demonstration stand

Close-up view

Distributor for Singapore and Malaysia: Please contact Castle Security Solutions (S) Pte Ltd


PWD (Person with Disabilities) Call System

PWD Zone Controller (with event logging)         Smart Call Button (with audio and visual feedback)


The PWD (person with disabilities) Call System is designed specifically to help the evacuation of a person with disabilities in the shortest possible time after he or she has made an emergency call at the nearest holding area.


Once an emergency call is made, the guard must go to the holding point (calling zone) to rescue the person and clear the call. Call alert cannot be cleared remotely on the monitoring panel, the PWD Zone Controller. All the important events are logged into the system memory for future reviews. The logged messages indicate when an emergency call was made and when a rescue operation was carried out and completed.


The emergency call button, or Smart Call Button (SCB), features built-in alert tone and dual-colour LED indication. This give important feedback, especially to a person with visual or hearing impairment. This is one of the requirements stated in Singapore BCA's  Fire Code for PWD.


Very simple wiring, a single 4-wire cable can support up to 16 zones with distance up to 1000m meters if using AWG20 twisted pair cable. 


PWD Call System Product Documents

PWD Call System Product Flyer

PWD Call System - Example 1: 8 PWD zones with siren mirroring between FCC room and guard post 

PWD Call System - Example 2: Typical loop wiring



Custom Design and Integration

Sometimes, you may find off-the-shelf products do not meet your requirements. There could be many factors: features, price, performance, physical size, interface to other equipment, and even physical cosmetic. At Vitcomm, we have a poll of multi-discipline experts that can look into your problems and provide you cost-effective solutions, from concept to implementation.



Our areas of expertise

-          RTL design and FPGA

-          DSP and MCU

-          Embedded firmware and software design

-          Embedded OS integration and networking

-          Mixed signal and high-speed circuit board design

-          Mechanical design and box built

-          Project management


Areas of application and support

-          Defense

-          Bio-medical

-          Industrial automation

-          Research laboratories

Photo gallery of selected custom designs


Application Notes

Signal Transmission and Maximum Cable Length