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There is a huge market potential for our Transaction-On-Video Verification System for Electronic Cash Registers (ECR) and Point of Sales System (POS) because unlike other Text Inserter which works with limited or new models of ECR and POS as external box, our system works with a wide range of existing and new models both as an external box for POS or internal interface using our printer interface boards for existing ECRs as follow:

With our Transaction-On-Video Verification System and printer interface boards, you can convert your clients' existing ECRs to a high-tech ECRs that capture transactions on video instead of replacing them with new system at higher cost, giving you advantage over your competitors. 

With our OEM service, you can market our Transaction-On-Video Verification System under your own brand name or company name providing you with the following benefits than reselling an existing brand:

1. Positioning yourself as manufacturer instead as Distributor or Reseller

2. Improve your company reputation and image

3. Continue to own the clients without the risks of losing to manufacturer

4. Differentiate yourself from your competitors

5. Allow you to resell your own brand by appointing Distributors and Resellers

6. Control your own profit margin

7. and more...

Unlike other big manufacturers that require you to commit high volume, we accept a much small volume and allows you to gradually increase the volume as your demands grow. We believe that your growth will help us to grow too.

If you are interest in our OEM program, please send us an email below.

Email : oem@vitez.com.sg

Thanks and look forward to long term partnership with your esteem organization.

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