VITEZ, Model : TOV-340

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Functions :

-         for electronic cash registers and P.O.S. systems on any BNC video surveillance systems

-         captures and superimposes cash receipts onto live video with cashier’s activities recorded on CCTV  systems


Benefits :

-         increases profits

-         minimizes shrink

-         ease of tracing cash receipt records


Features :

-         displays up to 10 lines

-         displays up to 40 characters per line

-         programmable text sizes, gray scale and background

-         text can be positioned anywhere on screen

-         programmable scrolling speed, pause and screen clear timers

-         blinking text on flagged transactions

-         12 programmable flagged transactions

-         16 flagged transactions logging, expandable to 1000

-         02 alarm input

-         02 alarm output

-         host/PC programming

-    3 LEDs status ON, COM and ALM

-    1 CLR button


Download brochure and technical specification here >>>




Functions :

-         interfaces with electronic cash registers’ journal printer

-         captures the printer’s transactions and convert them into RS232 signal transmitted to TOV-340 text inserter

-         transmits real-time line-by-line transactions displayed


Feature List:

-         Small form factor (70mm x 70mm), can be easily installed in ECR machine.

-         Serial Interface to TOV-340.

-         Support major ECR machines.

-         Customization Available for different brands/models of ECR


Download Brochure and 

Technical Specifictaion

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