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Sometimes, you may find off-the-shelf products do not meet your requirements. There could be many factors: features, price, performance, physical size, interface to other equipment, and even physical cosmetic. At Vitcomm, we have a poll of multi-discipline experts that can look into your problems and provide you cost-effective solutions, from concept to implementation.

Our areas of expertise

  • Extreme low-power system design
  • Tightly coupled coding practice to meet extreme timing, power and resource constraints in embedded world
  • Embedded firmware and application software coding for cross-platform implementation
  • Experienced in real-time OS, embedded OS, and secured networking
  • Experienced in IoT system, stack, server-client integration tools (Java Script, CSS, HTML, Node.js, python, Java, C#, Node-Red, SQL queries, RESTful, MQTT, etc)
  • Experienced in process control and automation buses: Modbus, CAN bus, H1 Fieldbus, HART, 4-20mA loop
  • Digital Communication System: From high level modeling (Matlab, C etc) to architecture design, RTL coding and FPGA implementation
  • Familiar with popular DSPs and MCUs architecture and system
  • Mixed signal and high-speed circuit board design
  • Mechanical design, 3D modeling and box built
  • Project management

Our Areas of Application and Support

  • Battery operated devices
  • IoT edge computing
  • Industrial automation
  • Research laboratories
  • Defense and Bio-medical

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